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As a person who likes to travel, I often look for information about travel preparation on the internet. It's called the digital age, everything is in cyberspace. Whether it's information about tourist attractions, routes to destinations, or even about the estimated costs that will be incurred when traveling to certain places.

There are many sources that can be accessed on the internet that contain about tour activities. One of them is I myself open this site quite often because of its rich information. Especially in the Vacation rubric there is a lot of information about the trip that interests me.

Get to know
The articles contained in were apparently written by different people. This makes the information and points of view contained in articles on very diverse. indeed opens up opportunities for everyone to contribute in the form of articles, videos, or photos.

With writing content that comes directly from contributors, the contents of this website are very informative. Don't worry about the quality of the content, because every content written will pass the selection from the editorial team. There are several features on the website for contributors, including article posts, videos, and rewards points.

The article categories on are vacation, culinary, arts and culture, tips and info, and lifestyle. Specifically for the lifestyle category, it is usually written by the editorial team that includes things outside of traveling such as movies, music, or events.

Not only articles in Indonesian, English-language articles are also available on This is certainly one of's efforts to attract foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. indirectly supports government programs to advance tourism in Indonesia.

Because the contents of his writings about traveling in Indonesia, also helped promote Visit Indonesia programs. The beauty of Indonesia is no less beautiful than destinations abroad. If managed well, surely the tourist spots in Indonesia will be increasingly visited by local or foreign tourists.

How to Contribute to
As bloggers, we can also participate in writing articles on Here's how to contribute to
1. Sign in at or sign up if not already registered.
2. Enter the dashboard and complete the profile.
3. Click create article then tell the experience and add photos. Contributors can write articles in Indonesian or English.
4. When you have finished writing, click save as draft.
5. In the draft article menu you can edit the text before sending.
6. If your best article is finished, click send.
7. Articles that have been sent will be in the pending article menu and in the approval process of the editorial team.
8. If the selected article will appear in the published article menu.
9. Articles are already at home for Indonesian articles and at home English language articles

Benefits for Contributing Bloggers
There are many benefits that you can get by contributing to Let's look at some of them.
1. Your article will be read by many people.
2. Your name will be known by more people.
3. You will get reward points from
4. You participated in advancing Indonesian tourism.

So is very suitable for those of you who are travel bloggers. You can share travel tips, stories about destinations, or your review about a place. This is of course useful for other travelers who want to find information about traveling.

Here are the links on the website and social media of Please click to find out details about

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- Website Travelblogid English:
- Twitter:
- Instagram:
- Facebook:
Rindang Yuliani
Rindang Yuliani adalah seorang sarjana sains yang sedang menikmati proses sebagai bloger. Rindang juga sedang meladeni obsesinya untuk mendapatkan beasiswa S2 dan menerbitkan buku pertamanya. Wanita kelahiran 6 Maret ini juga selalu berusaha mengakrabi Tuhan melalui hobinya yaitu membaca, menulis, dan jalan-jalan.

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  1. 4 bulan kebelakang pernah ditawarin nulis di sana pas masih hobby nulis pengalaman traveling.

  2. Aku masih belum pede nulis blog traveling tapi suka baca blog travelling temen2

  3. aku rajin nulis artikel di sini. mayan udah ada 22 artikel kalau ga salah. tapi yang bahasa indonesia. kayanya seru juga nyobain yang bahasa inggrisnya.

  4. Wah seruuuu tapi kurang pede nulis dalam bahasa Inggris hehe, tata bahasaku kacau hiks. Tapi seru nih karena secara gak langsung kalau share di sini kan kita ikutan mempromosikan gak cuma blog kita tapi jg destinasi wisata di Indonesia ke internasional yaaa

  5. Saya sudah pernah ceki-ceki travrlong. Pengen ikut eksis. Lumayan bisa
    Mungkin sekarang saatnya serius menulis di sana

  6. I ever have an account there, but never write anything yet. I guess so many reason for me to be lazy. Hiks..even i knew this site have so many advantages

  7. Aku pernah ngirim 2 artikel ke sana. Kalau udah aktif, bakalan dikasih backlink di profil. Lumayan

  8. Wah...seneng banget kalau tulisan kita banyak yang baca dan jadi lebih bermanfaat untuk orang lain yaah...
    Travelling is the most necessity of human.

  9. I ever offered to be a contributor here but I haven't checked it yet because I've another priorities, that blog/web should be wonderful now. I'd like to visit

  10. ingin juga nulis disitu sambil latihan bahasa inggris, tapi aku jarang vacation apalagi punya bocah masih kecil


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